Saturday, January 31, 2009

what do you really mean?

wondering when people say things they don't mean do they really mean to be cruel. everything is a big joke even if it's the most important thing that is dear to me. i dont feel hurt i feel unimportant like my hopes and dream could come crashing down only i know thats not true. Im alot tougher then to take that cruel joke seriously.. it annoys me more then anything that's all and maybe Im being prideful in saying it doesn't hurt but its not just one person that jokes about things that well, really get under my skin. one person will make a crude usually sexual sometimes not joke and eveerybody bursts into laughter and i smile and i dont get the joke.. im oblivious.  Sincerity is the only thing that keeps me going.  Those small gesters that bring me back from the front. 

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dead@dawn said...

+mine is my own and you can't hand your path over to someone and say walk in the exact place and see what i see that's why i think in matters of compassion sympathy is the best of all wisdoms